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If you are like me you have decided to dedicate your life to an amazing career as a hairdresser, haircutter, stylist, or colorist. This means that all your hard work in school paid off, but it’s not over yet. This also means that you have invested a lot of time and money in your career through advanced trainings and technologies to advance your skill-set and delivering up-leveled results for yourself and your clients. Every hour of advanced training equals a #ChargeYourWorth pay scale advancement.


How would you like to have 90% of your #CaliberConsultation questions answered prior to having your new client sit in your chair at appointment time? The #PreCalibrate online form is the beginning portion of the #CaliberConsultation. It is designed to ask your client questions that will assist in keeping you in the #DriverSeat and not turn the keys over to them. Some of the questions you ask should cover:

  • “Getting to Know You”
  • Background
  • Protection
  • Vision
  • Appointment


The #CaliberConsultation gives you the power to drive your client’s service today and tomorrow. When you are in the #DriverSeat you are able to steer and navigate the best possible outcomes for yourself and your client. Your expertise and vision are your insurance policy and guarantee.


How many times do you think you may have given a really great haircut to a new client only find out later that it just wasn’t the right fit for their facial structure? Without being in the #DriverSeat we will give up delivering our expertise, vision, and the discovery of the perfect cut for the client.


Think about a time when you listened to the terminology a client used and just went with it, but you also knew in your creative core that it just wasn’t the right fit them. Then you had to complete a “re-do” service to do what you thought in the first place?

How would you like a road map of color? A place to drive your clients color services based on the client’s natural skin tone, eye color, and eye tone. How would you like to deliver your creative process in choosing the complementary colors and tones for your client today and always with color service?


How would you like to never up-sale a client to a product purchase again? How would you like to deliver a guaranteed product purchase with every new client just from your consultation with them every time? How would you like to have every future addition to product prescription become a purchase from every client?


I believe that as a service provider my most important concern for the client is that they have and maintain a healthy fabric of hair. From the moment they sit in my chair it is most important that I manage that health. I want a client’s hair to always be supple, shiny, and malleable. It must have the ability to be styled and manipulated at home as well as in the salon. It must always be prepared for a next chemical service. This should always relate to what is possible for the hair based on its current health and what it theoretically can handle with a next chemical service. Every chemical service is damage to the fabric of the hair and we are the ones doing the damage!

This means we must also be the ones repairing that hair in the salon (not a suggestion or an up-sale, “if the client wants” and will pay). We must be the ones prescribing that repair home-care regimen for them at home. This purchase of our prescription is also not an option for the client. This is the insurance for future services with less damage. This is also the only guarantee for me as a service provider against the possibility of “re-do” services. I do not guarantee any service I complete with a client if they are not purchasing their product prescription in my salon/studio from me. Period.


Once you choose to drive, being in the #DriverSeat will have you choose a new standard as well as your clientele by using all of the #CaliberConsultation Methods. You will work together to produce the best results in style, hair cut and hair color for them and make a great name for yourself. You will have all of your clients saying “Yes!” once you educate them after they bring you their ideas. You will build that trust, value, security that they are looking for with a professional stylist. Your clients are essentially a walking billboard so make sure that you provide them with the New Standard.


Upfront, transparent communication is the most relevant tool that you can use with your client at your chair in the salon. Making sure that you communicate your guarantees, policies and standard. Here are some important things to consider letting your client know prior to their appointment:

  • Service guarantees that prevent re-do services?
  • Scheduling policies?
  • Rescheduling and cancellation policies?
  • No-call/no-show policies?


Your investment starts at $197, which includes 6 training modules.

Module 1 #PreCalibrate

Module 2 #Calibrate

Module 3 # CalbrateCut

Module 4 # CalibrateColor

Module 5 # Prescribe

Module 6 # Drive

Receive a free 30-minute online Coaching Session per Training Module with Tres on how to maximize the Caliber Consultation. That’s 3 Hours of Coaching FREE!