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Revolutionary Hair and Makeup Artists in Reno, NV

Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio is the premier team of expert hair and makeup artists in Reno, NV.

Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio strives to revolutionize & impact the perception of the salon industry; expanding our culture through collaborative education and execution.

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Our Mission

We strive to innovate in the salon industry by shattering established norms and up-leveling your perception of the salon world and we proceed with integrity, contribution and execution establishing a legacy.

Our mission: Caliber delivers ultimate results through a revolutionary consultation process in order to manage expectations, create options, and impact your individual self-expression.

Meet the Caliber Team

The Caliber Team sets the standard in the salon services industry, from customer service and technique to the execution of ultimate results.

We strive to recruit only the best, professional service providers in the salon industry, providing consistent advanced training and education for our entire team.

A revolutionary, global educator and master stylist, leads us with over three decades of providing professional guidance, technique, and ultimate results for our team and clients.

If you want beautiful hair, superb skin, and a daring sense of style, our professionals will deliver:

Giving Back

We believe in inspiring contribution & legacy bringing confidence to our future salon professionals & community at large. Aside from our salon services and educational opportunities we partner with charitable organizations & community programs improving the lives of individuals throughout our region.

Every year, we provide complimentary services for community members who experience homelessness, abuse, and neglect, bringing out their humanity and boosting their confidence, helping them feel terrific on their path towards a brighter future.

We partner with community builders Volunteers of America, Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and Reno Works along with many others to alleviate struggle and better the lives of our most vulnerable community members.

Community Partners


Let Us Schedule Your Personalized Caliber Consultation

Caliber delivers ultimate results through a revolutionary consultation process in order to manage expectations, create options & impact your individual self-expression. The Caliber Consultation is our map into the discovery of what your goals are for your hair and makeup services & how those relate to who you are and how you express yourself in the world. It is our job to map out the process the time and the maintenance schedule required for future services. To determine the integrity of your hair health due to home care, water, environment, pollutants and previous services.

Schedule The Caliber Consultation Today