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Crafted Haircutting in Reno, NV

Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio is the premier salon providing clients with complimentary paradigm-shifting haircuts in Reno, NV. Whether you want to maintain your current haircut or impress with a bold new style, our team of consummate professional artists will deliver. We are the leading hair & makeup studio specializing in services designed specifically for you. Our team will give you the same custom services for your next haircut and deliver on your goals.

We’ve provided our services for the advertisement fashion industries, delivering on-demand services for models, business executives and helping them achieve success. Our team will give you the same excellent services for your next cut, improving your hair and satisfying your unique desires.

Experience The Caliber Consultation For Your Hair Journey

Your new haircut doesn’t start until after we’ve fulfilled the consultation. The Caliber Consultation ensures that you receive the most specialized services for your goals. We’ll get to know you and your hair history during your consultation. Let us create the most complimentary haircut based on your unique face and head shape to deliver the most versatile haircut for you.

Schedule The Caliber Consultation Today